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Protect javascript source code

♠ Posted by Merbin Joe

Secure client side code

     The Javascript code (client side code), anyone can see or copy the source code modifying and place it to their website or blog, so should you need protection, then only you can protect your code design and etc.
     Using the below tool your code will secure, because the code will shown unreadable format like "var _0x812e=["\x53\x61\x79\x48\x...", can you read this? but If other copy and place their website it will work, so you should write the code for checking your url and run, then other can't modify it.

CSS3 Generator for all browser

♠ Posted by Merbin Joe
     The following Any CSS3 Code Generator is used to generate all type of CSS3 code, like Text shadow, Hex/RGB, Box Model, Columns, Gradient, Arrows, Transition and Filter. And this will generate and show all type of browser codes, so can generate and use without fear.

Text to Binary Code converter

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     The following binary code convert will convert your texts to binary code (Binary code only defined in zero's and one's), this code are machine understandable code.

Magic Text Creator

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The following tool is used to create 7 types of stylish text, and the following tools is totally free to use and the code are hidden.

Percentage calculation

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The following Percentage calculator is used to calculate the three different type of percentage calculations. You can use totally free to use.