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RGBA, Text, Background image CSS code Generator / Glass Background

♠ Posted by Merbin Joe at 09:57

RGBA Generator

     The following tool is used to generate the css code for background image, and text style and glass effect background. You will get the both HTML and CSS code you can just copy and paste it to your HTML code and use it.      The following css code will support DATA URI image, but you can put upto 32KB size images, if you give above 32KB size image, the generator will not generate the image URI code, you can enter the code manually with (background:url("your url path") in .bg_img class)
Create div RGBA Generator
Text color :
This is sample
RGBA Option



Opacity: 0.21

<div class="bg_img" style="clear: both;margin-top: -16px;">
<div class="bg_gap">
<div class="apply_css">
 <center>This is sample</center>


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