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Change the text case Capital / Small

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     This tool is used to convert the given text into capital case characters or small case characters, also you can convert bulk of text/paragraph.
Convert capital case or small case

Random password generator

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     The following tool is used to generate random password, here you can create three types of passwords. Normal Passwords, Strong Passwords, Super Strong Passwords. This passwords are created by symbol number and texts so other can not able to guess easier, so you can secure your like gmail or other important things.
Random Passwords Generator

Capitalize sentence / Capitalize every words

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     The following tool is used to capitalize the sentence first letter, or capitalize every words first letters(camel case). You can convert bulk of paragraphs. It is very simple to use real time output, when you paste or type the first text box you will get the result instantly to another text box.
Capitalize the text

Free online invoice generator

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     The following invoice generator is used to generate invoice and print it, you can convert to pdf if you are using chrome browser. Now I have added 4 templates, if you want more template you can apply through below comments (with attach screenshot url).      This is 100% free to use, if you like this invoice generator, please share with your friends.

free Online invoice generator

HTML, CSS, Javascript, code Compressor

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Code Compressor

     The following tool is very useful to you, you can compress your programming code and reduce the size so your execution time will increase.

CSS HTML Code compressor

Character count online / count words

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     The following tool is used to count your characters words, and new lines. You can use it on article writing for checking your text lengths and more purpose.
Online Character word line counter

Pure CSS Text Box Generator / Text box design CSS

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Text Box CSS Design

     The following tool will not generate only text box, it is having more than 52 text box css template, you can also create your own text box without any programming knowledge, you can grab the generated css code and html code to execute.

Pure CSS Text Box generator

RGBA, Text, Background image CSS code Generator / Glass Background

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RGBA Generator

     The following tool is used to generate the css code for background image, and text style and glass effect background. You will get the both HTML and CSS code you can just copy and paste it to your HTML code and use it.      The following css code will support DATA URI image, but you can put upto 32KB size images, if you give above 32KB size image, the generator will not generate the image URI code, you can enter the code manually with (background:url("your url path") in .bg_img class)
Create div RGBA Generator

Text Rotate Creator / Rotate in CSS

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CSS Rotate Text

     The following text rotate generator is used to generate a text with rotated shape. Also you can get all type of browser code, like firefox, chrome, safari, internet explorer and all.

CSS Rotate text generator

Div-Border-Box-Background Generator

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CSS Generator

     The following CSS div generator is used to generate the CSS code for div style like border style box shadow background color with gradient color.
Div CSS Generator